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Brush Stokes In The Wild Brush Stokes In The Wild

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Stan Kaminski is a master painter and has won numerous awards for his outstanding wildlife paintings.

We are delighted to bring you this wonderful collection of original wildlife paintings that we have carefully transformed for you to make your keepsake cards with.
Brushstrokes in the wild will bring to you natures outstanding creatures painted by Stan Kaminski in their natural habitat. The wonderful artwork will capture you and delight anyone fortunate to receive one of your keepsake cards.
Each of the 25 original paintings can be used for many card making styles including:
  • Decoupage
  • Toppers
  • Verse Toppers
  • Cameo cards
  • Bookmark cards plus a wide range of Calendar cards.

We have also included 25 original Hazel Braimbridge verses that compliment the verse toppers. Also included is our unique Image spray feature that allows you to spray animal paw prints across your card designs. 

We have also included our unique 3D viewer. This allows you to preview your decoupage design before you go to print or edit your colours prior to printing.

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